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6y.com recommends these books as a good starting point if you are just starting off with the Internet. Your electronic journey may seem to have a steep learning curve at the beginning - but believe us, time spent learning the ropes now will bring its rewards in savings on goods from all over the world later on!

Buying books online through services such as Amazon is typically cheaper than through normal bookshops on the high street - see the "Save" column below to see how much you can save by getting the book from Amazon right now.

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TitlePagesList Price
Student's Guide to Doing
Research on the Internet
368 £13.99
Kids' Guide to the Internet II96£3.99
Netting Your Ancestors :
Genealogical Research on the Internet
The Plugged-In Parent: What You
Should Know About Kids and Computers
The Guide to Internet Job Searching 288£9.50
Internet UK in Easy Steps192£9.99
Dreamweaver 4 Bible1219£34.99
Internet Explorer 5 Explained 190£6.99
Internet Explorer 5.5 for Dummies389£16.99
The Rough Guide to the Internet 2001528£6.00

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